Why is edwina escaping?

Hi! I’m Edwina – a born and bred country girl living in Sydney. My childhood was filled with standard rural stuff – long drives on dirt roads, lazy summer days spent by the creek, paddock parties (if you’ve got a shed, you’ve got a dance floor), slow hikes through the rainforest, and basically an abundance of trees and fresh air.

Then I moved to Sydney seven years ago.

Don’t get me wrong. I love living in Sydney. I love the food, the beaches, and the convenience of not having to drive 47 km to pick up milk.

But sometimes all of the noise and chaos and obligations of living in the city catch up with you, and you just need to get out. Fill your lungs with fresh air. See the ocean. Feel the grass under your toes.

That’s how this blog was born.  A drunken declaration on New Years to explore more of the world around me entwined with my dream of one day starting my own blog, and six months later I brought edwinaescapes into the world.  

I’ve adopted this little corner of the internet to help me fulfil my resolution of exploring and enjoying more of the world around me – to escape the madness and the mundane.  Because you know what they say, about escaping life?  Well that’s where you actually find it.

I hope you can join me on the journey.

Edwina xx