The Beginning of Edwina’s Great Escape

I’m a big believer in beginnings.  I’m a sucker for blank pages in notebooks, first lines in novels and, the most promising beginning of all, New Year’s Resolutions.


I firmly and foolishly believe that the dawn of a new year is the perfect time to make a wild promise to yourself to make a drastic change in your life.  (Those other 364 days are useless, people!  If you’re going to make a big, sweeping declaration, do it properly.  Wait until January 1st: the blank page in your notebook.)


This year, I had two resolutions (yep, I take this pretty seriously):

  1. To explore more of the world around me – the world I don’t have to forgo thousands of dollars and painfully cultivated annual leave for, the world within the realm of weeknight wanderings and Saturday road trips outside of the city; and
  2. To create more – to reconnect with my creative brain and create something purely for the joy of creating, outside of the corporate career bubble, something just for myself.


In the name of efficiency, I merged the two ideas and decided to launch edwina escapes: a little corner of the internet that is all mine, where I can keep my resolution to explore the world around me and document the adventures as I go.  


There’s also nothing like declaring your New Year’s Resolution to all of your friends and family to make it stick.  It may have taken 6 months to get to this point, but I’m still counting that as a win.  (And technically I consider my birthday in May to be another great beginning, so: happy birthday edwina!  I made you a blog and an obligation to fill it.)


And what do I plan to fill this blog with? I’ve started with an A3 map of the greater Sydney region, marking all the places I can easily visit within the span of a Saturday or a weekend.  My plan is to escape to all of these places over the course of the year, taking full advantage of all the weekend days and public holidays we have at our disposal each year.  Because a Saturday morning is sort of like a blank page, too.


I want this blog to help me fulfil my resolution of exploring and enjoying more of the world around me. I hope you can join me on the journey.


The escape begins.

2 Replies to “The Beginning of Edwina’s Great Escape”

  1. Wonderful. Just wonderful. We will be following your adventures with baited breath. Xxx

  2. I’m so excited to read about your adventures! Your writing sounds like you, so it’s almost like hearing about them in person 🙂 <3

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