The art of endless beginnings

Hello! It’s been a while. 395 days, to be exact.

It was around this time last year that I decided to go on a bit of a digital detox, to take a step back and re-evaluate my relationship with the internet. I rearranged the apps on my phone to put the important and helpful stuff first, I turned off most of my notifications, and I unfollowed any social media accounts that weren’t bringing me joy.

As I purged my Instagram and drew my attention back to the present moment (you know, where real life is actually happening), this little blog of mine fell by the wayside.

I didn’t mind. 2019 was one of the happiest, healthiest and most fulfilling years I’ve had on this planet. Taking a break from technology allowed me to drop the comparisons and benchmarking, the endless questioning of “is my life good enough, am I good enough“. Unplugging from all of that noise, even briefly, gave me the space and silence to discover what makes me truly happy and what I actually care about. What a time to be alive!

But I realised I missed my little blog. I missed writing about my adventures, recording old ones and planning new ones. And I missed having something to pour myself into, something that wasn’t for work or school or money or legal obligations – something that’s just for me, just because I like doing it.

So I thought I’d pick this up again. One of the best lessons 2019 gave me is that beginnings don’t have to be some divine or cosmic intervention, a line in the sand from which point everything is new and shiny. Every moment is a new beginning. We can decide at any time during our day, week or year to change our approach, mindset or behaviour.

When we find ourself straying from the person we want to be – maybe we’re procrastinating or giving in to instant gratification (I’m looking at you, Netflix and red liquorice twists) – it doesn’t mean we should throw the towel in and give up on our goals. A short pause to take a few long deep breaths is as good a starting point as any (2019 was also the year I discovered the magic of meditation, which has taught me a lot about the power of pausing and resetting). We don’t need a new year (or a new decade!) to make a big, sweeping change to our life.

There is always time and space to begin again. Life is really just the process of beginning, over and over again, as we slowly inch towards the life we want and the person we want to become. I’m excited to begin 2020, for all the extraordinary and mundane moments to come, for the new adventures, and for all the chances to keep on beginning. Happy New Year. 💚