How to make your day off feel like a holiday

How to trick yourself into thinking your day off is a holiday

I’m looking at a photo of this girl on the top of a mountain in Switzerland, The Stanserhorn near Lucerne, to be exact. I can feel the envy rising in my throat. I mean, take a look at this girl. She looks so happy, so relaxed, ready for anything, not a care in the world. I kind of hate her, don’t you?

Spoiler alert: this girl is me. Well, actually she’s me four years ago, on a whirlwind tour of Europe with two of her best friends. She’s Holiday Edwina, and I’m just going to say it outright: Holiday Edwina is better than me. She’s more fun, more spontaneous and she doesn’t let things get to her.

But surely Holiday Edwina and I are the same person! Not quite. We occupy the same body, but she has something I don’t. It’s that feeling of total bliss when you have time away from work and responsibilities, and you’re completely free to do whatever makes you happy – whether that’s hiking up a Swiss mountain or sitting by the pool and doing nothing.

I don’t think anyone can have that holiday feeling all the time. Not even famous grammers and bloggers who spend their days travelling. Not even Kim Kardashian (probably). We’ve all got stress and responsibilities that need to be dealt with at some point. You can’t ignore your taxes and chores forever, people.

But I do think we can allow ourselves to have that feeling more often. We don’t have to wait for annual leave and an international flight. We can be our holiday selves, just for one day. So, I’ve come up with five ways to trick yourself into thinking you’re on holiday. Whether you’ve got an afternoon, a day or a full weekend, these things will help give you that holiday feeling.

Five ways to trick yourself into thinking your day off is a holiday:

1. Go Somewhere
I mean further than the nearest beach. You’ve got to get fully away from the place where you live, so that you can get away from the stress and responsibilities that hang around your house. As soon as I hit the open highway outside of Sydney, it’s like I can feel my troubles fading into the background. I can worry about them when I return, but not today, because today I’m Holiday Edwina.

2. Treat Yourself
This is imperative. You don’t care about calories and extra coin when you’re on holiday, so you don’t care about them now. Ask for the fruity cocktail with lunch, order the seafood, buy that expensive dress that makes you feel like a chilled out bohemian queen. Eat the damn gelato. Don’t hold back.

3. Dress for the part
I’m talking maximum whimsy. Wear that floppy hat with the ribbon on it that makes you feel like Grace Kelly. Convince everyone who passes you that you’re on an extended holiday, and you’ll start to believe it too.

4. Do something different
One of the best things about going on holiday is the excitement of exploring a new place and trying out something your regular self would never dream of doing. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go horse riding or skydiving. Or maybe the thought of these things gives you palpitations, so you’ll settle for a wine tasting. Whatever. Just make an effort to try something new.

5. No deadlines
Deadlines are responsibilities, and your holiday self doesn’t care for those. Don’t be rushing back to do your tax return at 3 pm. Keep your options open, so that you can go for that afternoon swim or that extra drink before heading home. The number one rule is be spontaneous! The relaxed, no-care-in-the-world vibe will follow.

So there you have it, five ways to trick yourself into thinking your day off is really a holiday. Below is photographic evidence of me trying out number 2 on a recent day off in Kiama – how did I do? I think I nailed it.

What things always work for you in creating that holiday-vibe? I’d love to know!

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2 Replies to “How to make your day off feel like a holiday”

  1. Hello Holiday Edwina,
    What a great way to let go of it all. Your five tips are awesome. Yes, you did nail it. I’m like you, skydiving, or just imagining one’s self leaping unsupported (momentarily) from an aeroplane gives me palpitations, and probably indigestion to follow. Keep up the great writing style, so readable and witty, I just find myself failing to compete. Maybe try the Zoo this weekend!
    Love and hugs,
    Daddy Dearest

    1. Hmmm, the zoo does sound like fun! Maybe I will consider and turn it into a blog post… 🙂

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